“Don’t Let Nobody Change You”: How to turn bullying into something beautiful – Radio the Artist

If you had to deal with non stop bullies in school, turn that negativity into fuel, and rise above it to become somebody you wanted to be, then you’ll probably appreciate this interview as much as I did.

Johnny Collins (Radio the Artist) is a visual artist, musician, and community activist from Kernersville, NC. His work ranges in style from graffiti, classical, pop, cartoon, abstract, and more. He’s painted murals for schools, community projects, and private clients, and is well on his way to great success as an artist.

But it wasn’t always so great. Johnny acquired the name “Radio” from bullies in high school. He was picked on and beaten up for it, but turned it into something powerful for his career as an artist.

Now, Radio the Artist is a successful artistic brand, and you can purchase Radio designs on apparel and other merchandise. Johnny mentors kids, creates art for public spaces, and has a fine career built on something that bullies tried to destroy.

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